What to consider when choosing a drum lifter

Drum lifters are paddles that sit inside the clothes washer and give disturbance to the clothes as the drum turns. Drum lifters are very useful just like an electric pallet stacker. There are mostly three types of drum lifters available. Confusingly these three are the same as looking a drum lifter.

Consider your machine model number

You have to guarantee that you pick the correct drum lifter for your machine else it just won't fit. The most straightforward approach to do that is via looking for your model number, your model number can be found on the machine or around the back of the clothes washer. On the off chance that for reasons unknown you can't find your machines model number, here are the slight visual contrasts so you can outwardly coordinate these lifters with the ones in your machine.

Three versions of drum lifters

· Version 1

It has a greater gap three openings from the front and a somewhat greater gap three gaps from the back.

· Version 2

It has similarly estimated gaps from front to back.

· Version 3

It has similarly measured openings from front to back and it additionally has these three little pips at the front.

These three lifters are fitted in slightly different ways however it isn't so much that hard to supplant them yourself, simply ensure that you get the correct one.

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